Multi-component injection moulding

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Cost-effective combination of colours and materials

Multi-component injection moulding combines several colours or materials in a single tool and improves the design and function of plastic parts. We have machines for 2-component manufacturing, for sandwich or interval injection moulding with interval plate and for classic 2-component parts with rotary unit. In our plant in Werdohl we currently only use injection moulding machines from ARBURG, i.e. quality “Made in Germany”. The manufacturing of complex components is thus possible using both classic and multi-component injection moulding processes.


We currently use multi-component technology in various configurations:


  • in the interval injection of unfilled material for a optimum surface and of glass fibre reinforced material for stiffening the core of the component
  • in the classic 2-component injection moulding with a material combination that enables the subsequent galvanisation of the components


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Together with DOMOELEKTRO, KSM Kunststofftechnik Meschede, HS ELECTRONIC and HSTR ELEKTRIK, we make up a service group that offers a comprehensive package of technological services. As a successful system supplier and market leader in the “retractable control knob” segment, we supply well known customers in the electrical appliance industry. Around 490 employees in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Turkey manufacture knobs, residual heat indicators, indicator lamps, display elements, electronic products and complex systems. These are used all over the world. For example, our warehouse logistics in the USA ensures on time deliveries on the American continent.


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