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Products with a wealth of variety:
Our modular system increases your flexibility

Our portfolio of operating elements is just as versatile as your requirements are individual. Our developments unite your ideas with our expertise. We supply fixed and retractable control knobs, with or without illumination, in a modular system.


Various retraction mechanisms and knob axles, a large selection of colours and designs as well as the possibility to arrange different caps and scale rings into a series give you plenty of leeway.


Our service package includes not only the design but also the development and manufacture. As an extra we offer various surface structures with which we ennoble the knobs.

If you require additional electronic components, we will also manufacture them for you.


  • Retractable knobs

    They stay in the background, but they’re elementary: knobs in standard or custom versions


    The choice is yours: Push-in/-out knobs in standard versions or custom designs. Labelling adds the finishing touch.


    You can choose between different installation lengths even with our proven standard assortment of retractable knobs - depending on the mechanism that you require for your application. If you wish to equip a gas appliance, we offer you a special retraction mechanism: The knob latches in the extended state and can be retracted again by means of a release button.


    • Cost efficient standard versions
    • Individual design development
    • Various surface designs
    • Customer-related labelling
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  • Retractable, illuminated knobs

    Signal and design: illumination for knobs


    Two important properties of electrical appliances meet in illuminated, retractable knobs: signal and design. The light indicates, for example, activity or function level, while at the same time providing for visual accentuation. We have tailored the illumination to our standard knobs. If you would prefer a specific design for your knobs, we will modify the illumination to suit. Different versions facilitate connection and mounting.

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  • Rigid knobs

    Rigid and yet changeable:
    non-retractable knobs


    In particular when knobs are fully visible they should be optically matched to the design of the appliance. A large variety of rigid knobs are available to you for this. We also make individual non-retractable knobs on request.

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  • Accessories for knobs

    Non-resistant retraction:
    guide - and cover rings


    We offer appropriate accessories, e.g. guide - and cover rings, for the effortless and precise mechanism.


    The guide rings lead the knobs when to be retracted. They compensate the tolerances of the various components. The guide rings can be inserted from the rear through the installation opening for mounting.


    Cover rings, conversely, are snapped in from the front side. They cover tolerances and possible unevenness of the installation opening and can be supplied for various panel thicknesses.


    Both the guide rings and the cover rings are available as standard products or custom solutions. Discuss with our employees which specification you need!

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  • Control panels made of PMMA or PC

    Printed or embossed: Plastic panels


    In terms of optics and touch, control panels made of poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) and displays made of polycarbonate (PC) stand out. Equip your devices with printed plastic moulded parts and simplify their operability. 


    We manufacture control elements made of PMMA or PC in encapsulated clean room production areas. Laser processing, printing with UV and stoving lacquers are operated in those areas as well. In addition, we offer the following processes for implementing this production line: hot stamping, ultrasonic welding of various components and assembly of component groups of differing materials. In automated processes, we ensure the quality by means of camera-supported monitoring. 


    Are you looking for a special design or function for your control panel? We will supply you with multi-component parts for this.

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Together with DOMOELEKTRO, KSM Kunststofftechnik Meschede, HS ELECTRONIC and HSTR ELEKTRIK, we make up a service group that offers a comprehensive package of technological services. As a successful system supplier and market leader in the “retractable control knob” segment, we supply well known customers in the electrical appliance industry. Around 490 employees in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Turkey manufacture knobs, residual heat indicators, indicator lamps, display elements, electronic products and complex systems. These are used all over the world. For example, our warehouse logistics in the USA ensures on time deliveries on the American continent.


We put your wishes precisely into practice - from the development and manufacture through to delivery on the exact day. The bundling of our range of services gives you the advantage of being able to implement the most demanding projects with just one partner. The results are optimum technical solutions!

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