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Clear & safe :
Adisplay elements for your electrical appliances

Three aspects are decisive for electrical appliances: Function, design and safety Equipped with our display elements your products combine these principles.


Clear displays are a real bonus for users. It must be possible to see at a glance which mode the appliance is in, which function level is currently active and whether, for example, heat is still being given off in the switched-off state. That simplifies operation and increases safety. Apart from that, lighting elements set visual accents. You can fulfil all of these points with our displays, which are available in all special versions. Various product versions allow flexible use in your appliances. We also manufacture custom versions, from the smallest lots to production runs of millions. In the process we attach great importance to high quality, which naturally also includes a long service life and high energy efficiency.


Discover the variety of our display elements:


  • LED lights

    Bring light into the darkness - permanently: LED technology

    Energy efficiency extends down to the tiniest detail, e.g. the lighting. That’s why we at HURST+SCHRÖDER integrate environmentally friendly LED technology in both existing and new products. Users benefit from the long service life and good cost-effectiveness of semiconductor technology. Not only that, the compact structure of the LEDs aids flexible design. Design freedom is also increased by the option to choose white or coloured light. Make use of these benefits and equip your appliances with our versatile lighting technology!

    LED-Leuchten bei Hurst + Schröder GmbH
  • Indicator lamps

    Setting signals: wide range of indicator lamps

    Is the appliance in operation? In which functional level is the application? Are technical processes already completed? Indicator lamps answer these questions quickly and unambiguously. A clear display is the be-all and end-all here.Not only that, the lighting serves as a design element. We offer a large number of different indicator lamps for numerous industrial fields of application. You can choose between various sizes, shapes and colours. Do you have a special wish for a certain application? We’ll implement it for you with standard articles and modified components.

    Signalleuchten bei Hurst + Schröder GmbH
  • Indicator lamps - special lights

    Meet all demands: special versions of indicator lamps

    Whether cooking ring display or interior lighting for washing machine drums - we can supply you with numerous special versions of our indicator lamps. We develop solutions for virtually any application in a customer-oriented manner. Depending on the requirements, we choose the materials and match the design to your needs. We can implement your wishes individually. At the same time, we pay constant attention to the current industrial safety and quality standards. Make your application light up with our special products!

    Signalleuchten - Sonderleuchten bei Hurst+Schröder GmbH
  • Residual heat indicator lamps

    Draw attention to heat: Residual heat indicators

    Especially for ceramic hobs we offer indicator lamps that indicate heat. The strong brightness of the hot light indicators increases the user’s safety: the visual signal clearly indicates that the hob is still hot. The displays can safely withstand the high temperatures. We design the lights to meet your specific requirements and arrange them according to the design of the appliance. Ask us about the different versions and combination options: there is a choice of single and multiple lights, connection and mounting modifications as well as various designs.

    Restwärme-Anzeigeleuchten bei Hurst+Schröder GmbH
KSM Kunststofftechnik


Together with DOMOELEKTRO, KSM Kunststofftechnik Meschede, HS ELECTRONIC and HSTR ELEKTRIK, we make up a service group that offers a comprehensive package of technological services. As a successful system supplier and market leader in the “retractable control knob” segment, we supply well known customers in the electrical appliance industry. Around 490 employees in Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and Turkey manufacture knobs, residual heat indicators, indicator lamps, display elements, electronic products and complex systems. These are used all over the world. For example, our warehouse logistics in the USA ensures on time deliveries on the American continent.


We put your wishes precisely into practice - from the development and manufacture through to delivery on the exact day. The bundling of our range of services gives you the advantage of being able to implement the most demanding projects with just one partner. The results are optimum technical solutions!

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